Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New year........New Life!

Well........A very happy new year to all who read this? Probably not too many at the mo but as our life changes so will this blog! If you do happen to read this, please feel free to leave us a message.

So, what's happened in the last couple of months then? We have been very busy ironing out minor issues with the boat......a little bit of having to go to work......oh, and a month's holiday in Egypt! :-)
The guys at Milburn Boats have been very busy with our home and we are very very pleased with the progress. It seems every time we go up to see Swamp Frogs we forget the camera or get side tracked and forget to take some I'll pinch a few from Milburn's own build blog (I'm sure they won't mind)

All Lined out, wired and ready to be fitted out
Had to get the sofa in before any bulkheads put did they get it in? I don't know!

Our own design of a dining table......will it work?
Bathroom Vanity unit being built....note the curved work eh? so smoooooth!
Not every boat has a bath....What Suzie wants.....Suzie gets!

Hand made Galley started complete with beautiful curves.

So, there you go a few pictures of our dream........Oh and if you are going to Crick Boat Show this year you will (we hope) see our boat on show and meet the team that turned it into a reality.

Since our last blog we have done 0 Canals, 0 miles and  0 locks.......

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