Saturday, 17 August 2013

Okay........Suzie won the bet!

More on the title later but maybe you want to skip the toilet wall drivel that I am writing and drop down a few paragraphs and read what it's all about!

We stayed at Nantwich for 6 days as it is such a lovely town with good moorings and by chance, in a couple of days it was the Nantwich Agricultural and Cheese show. We were told that it always rains during the show and although prior to the show it was sunshine all the way......they were right, it did rain but did not spoil it as we went prepared. Great show with much to see and do.....and so much cheese to eat......we left the show feeling a bit sick with all the cheese we had eaten.

3 very different birds but I am sure the 2nd one would like to
eat the last 1!

It really was a great show with plenty to see and do and Michelle (The Heart of England), it does rival the New Forest Show and remember this for next year!
The following day we pop into Nantwich Marina as for the last month or so our "poo tank" has at times been smelly and wanted to discuss possible solutions......BRILLIANT, not only did they offer a solution they had one there too! so back I go and fit a Webasto Charcoal filter also included in the price was 2 nights mooring alongside NB Emily which was excellent as Denis and Ann were came to dinner the following night.

How pleased are we with our dining table,
thank you once again Milburns
By the way....that is a T shirt and pink shorts Suzie is wearing and not a very short skirt with pink knickers!
We leave Nantwich on the Sunday to slowly (as always) make our way to Chester
What a great wooden sculpture eh?

Okay so here goes the bit you have all been waiting to read.....on the way to Chester you have to pass about a mile and half of moorings going at "tick over" this will take about 40 can be a pain but it is appreciated not to create any wash and disturb moored boats. Not everybody does this and I am sure all of us "boaters" have experienced a boat passing whilst moored only to be "bumped about a bit" what also can happen is a boat can loose it's mooring and if you look closely at the picture below this is what happened.....
That's me on the left taking a look!

So, down I go and take a look and there is nobody about at all. The boat has lost it's bow rope and has drifted across the cut. Hmmm....I could just push it back a bit and it will slowly find it's way back to allow the people 100yds further down to moor it back securley. I lean forward and push the bow and then SLOOSH! I was in, simple as that! Quite funny now but at the time I was not happy as we had just came out of Tattenhall Marina and I still had my wallet and phone in my pockets. (luckily both were fine) The water was warmer than I expected and was about 3 ft deep and easy to climb out. Now, Suzie the camera lady was busy doing what she does best......yep, talking (Suzie, I don't talk much Conroy) missed it all, I mean I even walked back to the boat soaked, embarrassed, and not very happy at all, climbed aboard and she STILL didn't realise not until I stopped her chatting to ask if she would fetch me a towel! So, I am sorry folks, there are no pictures! blame the wife!!!
(for a minimum of a £100, which I will give to charity. I am willing to recreate that special moment so Suzie can take pictures)
After my quick dip in the canal, I change my clothes, regain my dignity ignore Suzie saying "do it again so I can take a picture.....please Robbie, please...I go down and secure the drifting boat! We move on and moor up at The Cheshire Cat just outside of Chester and the next day we go into Chester by bus have a wander round and do some shopping at Tesco and get a taxi back. The next day we get a phone call from who? I don't know as all Suzie will say is "they" are coming to see us and will stay overniight on the boat? 30mins later my life long school friend Jane turns up. Jane had decided to come and find us and spend a night on the boat. It was such a lovely surprise and we managed to get Jane's car to The Shady Oak pub as Gordon (chap we met earlier) kindly followed us down to The Shady Oak and bought us back thus enabling us to treat Jane to a full days cruising. We know Jane had a great time and she went home with a sunburnt face, Thanks again Jane, isn't it great when people turn up unexpectedly!

Next up is a visit from my son, fiancée Anna and their boys Ruben and George........we can't wait!

Since the last blog we've done 23 miles, 6 locks.
This gives a grand total of 246 miles 100 yards, 170 locks and 7 tunnels (tunnels over 1000yds only).