Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Launch day is booked.........

Well, it is all systems go now and on our last visit Andy ( Milburnboats ) asked us....."when do you want Swamp Frogs launched" and it was like "oh my god.......are we that close" well, the boss (Suzie) decided that there is no time to be wasted and as my last day at work will be 4th March lets put it in the water on the 5th March........so there we have it......THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!!!
5 weeks from today!!!!

I think we are pretty much ready now as Suzie has been very busy organising everything (me included). Yet again on our last visit we forgot to take pictures as we were so excited as to what we were seeing so again I've pinched a few from Andy.......

If you wish to look at all the pictures taken by Andy follow the link below

So here is what will be on display for me to keep an eye on
every day (note the quality Alpine stereo and individual
isolating switchesfor each room) Oh and it will not be
displaying Heart FM when I am in charge!

Just a few wires then.........

Luckily all those wires in the above will be hidden away from me
(thank God)

1st  Coat of paint has been put on by Lawrence

Bedroom looking in from the bow doors with
wardrobe on the right and en-suite on the left.

A little bit more of a taster of our dining table designed by Suzie and I.

Well, that is it for now.......February is going to be such a busy month for us starting on Fri with my Nephew Tony and Em's Wedding. Then Saturday my Grandson Ruben's Birthday party. Sunday up to see our home.......oh then a little trip to Morrocco for a week with our bestest friends Phil and Gail to celebrate my birthday, Phil's birthday and I am sure we will celebrate mine and Suzie's 3rd wedding anniversary. 
Then as soon as we come back it is mine and my son David's birthday bash as 33 yrs ago on Feb 12th 1980 I got the best birthday present I've had.

Bye for now

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