Sunday, 15 April 2012

Life changes

So, what do a Husband and Wife do as they approach retirement?

It's our belief that you have to start a new life together and with this in mind we looked at what direction our lives would go. By pure chance 18 months ago we came across the programme Waterworld and that was it, we were hooked.

Robbie (my husband) and I knew then that a life aboard a Narrowboat was for us and so it begins.....
Here we are, still very much in love (only been married 13 months) and on Thursday 4th April 2012 we shook hands, paid our deposit and signed up with John and Mick Day (Kingfisher Narrowboats) for them to build our Narrowboat.
We met both John and Mick on the Wednesday and fortunately for us their last build The Cat's Whiskers had just returned for a engine oil change. This gave us an opportunity to meet with Roger (The Cat's Whiskers owner) and to chat with him and ask how he felt the build went. Roger could not be happier. He was like the cat that got the cream (just to keep with the cat theme). This and with the attitude of both Mick and John who were both keen to listen to our idea's and to develop them made us keen to sign up.
So, off we went to our Hotel, chatted for all of 5mins and made our decision. They were the builders for us.
Our Narrowboat will be started in September and all being well will be completed in April 2013......
That's it......our lives have changed! We could not be happier.

Watch this space........