Monday, 28 October 2013

'til next year.........

We've had a few emails asking "where are we"? "what are we up to"??
Well, truth is, we've been very busy sorting ourselves out for the winter.

Since leaving Church Lawton we stayed with Tony and Doreen (NB Sarah Olive) all the way down to Braunston where the 4 of us worked on our boats getting them ready for the winter.
Tony and Doreen then put their boat into a Marina where we then thought we'd say goodbye to them till next year......they had other idea's.....Tony had checked their flights to Spain, found that there was spare seats and they asked us to come to Spain with them for 10 days???? This threw us into a spin for a bit and didn't know what to do or say as they were leaving in 48 hours.......Erm.....ok we will! So, off to Spain we went for 10 days of sunshine!

One good idea that people may be interested is that we've fitted "celotex" insulating sheeting inside the windows, make sure it is a real tight fit and bingo! no damp smells or condensation at all in the boat. This is an idea we got from somebody who leaves their boat for 6 months and goes home to Australia to enjoy the summer there. They've done it for the last 4 years and tell us it is brilliant so we'll let you know when we get back!

I've painted the outside of the boat below the Gunnel to hide all the scratches and scrapes we got ourselves into this year. Insulated the engine bay bulkhead to deaden the sound of the engine whilst it's running (works a treat) Suzie has cleaned every inch inside the boat, sorted out all of the drawers, cupboards, shelves, storage under the bed and we have got rid of anything that we've not used

Our flights to Cyprus have been booked, overnight hotel at Gatwick booked, car hire to see everybody prior to jetting off for the winter booked, trip to the dentist booked (urgh!)

.........and that's about it peep's,

......'til next year where we will be travelling south we think for the year so we can be close to friends and family.

Since our last blog we have done 94 miles, 52 locks and Harecastle Tunnel (2919 yards long)

This gives a grand total of 497 miles 100 yards, 314 locks and 10 tunnels (tunnels over a 1000 yards only)........Not bad for our first year eh?

Please have a great Christmas and we both wish you a very happy new year
It's early but as we will not be doing the blog now till we return.

Rob and Suzie x