Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Not long now......

It's been awhile since I have written anything on here but the last couple of months have been very traumatic to say the least what with me having 2 total hip replacement operations and Suzie having to have a Blepharoplasty which is a modification of the eyelid and brow. I must add that Suzie's operation was for medical reasons and NOT cosmetic.

We are both now slowly on the mend....

We have also attended a pre retirement course provided by Esso for 3 days at Botley Golf and Country Club which was very informative and reassured us that we are doing the right thing. Every body has embraced our idea of renting the house out and going to live aboard our boat to cruise the waterways of the UK. We are also looking into cruising on the French Canal system and have started reading which is John and Irene Plunkett's adventures in France. This is something we will seriously be looking into within the next 2-3 years.

We are still following NB's The Cat's Whiskers, Jandai and Chyandour with great interest as having met both  Roger and pat (The Cat's Whiskers) and Fred and Lisa (Chyandour) they are really nice people and can't wait to meet up again. Suzie has been in contact with Jan (Jandai) and they both have a very similar sense of humour so I am sure we will all get on well when we do eventually meet.

With regards to Swamp Frogs we think we are there now but have yet to sign the contract. I am hoping to publish news next month.