Friday, 23 November 2012

Worth the wait.........

Well, It's been a hectic month since the last update of our blog.

  1. Suzie and I have now sold our house and moved into our temporary accommodation provided by our friend Gary Dyer......Thanks Gaz
  2. Our Narrow Boat arrived at Milburn Boats in Daventry, Northants.
So, you may say that the 2 highlights above is not that traumatic but it is for us and they both seem to have come at once. So, the house move.......this was made easier for Suzie and I as we  managed to sell every single scrap that we owned from our house and moved to Totton by doing 4 or 5 trips with the car as Gary's house is fully furnished and this is a great help to us as it saves us having to get rid of stuff next March when our boat will be ready. The only problem with the house is that there is a loo dedicated to Arsenal????. I have decided I can't use this loo as there is a picture of Gary with Arsene Wenger and it just so wrong to be in there doing personal stuff with Gary and Arsene looking on!

Our Boat.....We arrived at Milburn Boats early afternoon with Suzie's Sister Pat and Brother-in law John who both were desperate to be with us when our boat arrived. Swamp Frogs arrived at 14:30 but alas no crane..... The crane turned up about 90mins later with a driver who really didn't want to be there which disappointed us, we just could not understand how he wasn't as excited as us!

Anyways, it is now here ready for Andy, Pete and the team to fit it out to their usual high standards. Check out this review in Waterways World ( Milburn 100 ) and you will then understand why we chose Milburn Boats to turn our dream into a reality.

A few pictures of the arrival.....

It's here

Just need a crane!

The start of our dream

Easy does it

Mind the van!

Inches to spare!

Almost there

Andy Milburn looks on....What is he thinking?

Andy is going to try and push a 15 Ton Boat with a 2 ton Fork lift.....I don't think so!

Change of vehicle does the trick.

My darling wife takes the first step aboard Swamp Frogs.