Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Time moves on....

Somebody told us that time will move quckly and that before you know it you'll be cruising on the cut....well, I think they are right as time moves quicker the older you get. We spent 2 days in Nottingham last week and popped to see Lee and Gary at XR&D http://www.xrandd.co.uk/ to have a chat about Suzies idea's  for changes that will make our boat unique from all others. Great blokes and they are up for the challenge apart from the glass bottom bit.....it may work in the Caribbean but not sure it will work on The Grand Union Canal!

Lee and Gary striking a pose!

Where The Swamp Frogs will be built.

These Nissan Huts at Ollerton were made from corrugated steel. They were then used by the first colliers in the 1920's and their families until the first pit houses were built...looks abit drafty to me?

Next morning on to Trent Lock to Kingfishers http://www.kingfishernarrowboats.co.uk/ to see John and Mick whose pictures we failed to get but we will do soon. More questions we had for them and even more changes to The Swamp Frogs (will now be known as TSF) but at no time did we feel rushed so a good couple of hours spent and more information gathered.
As The Cats Whiskers http://thecatswhiskersnb.blogspot.co.uk/ was still morred up we popped aboard to have a drink with Roger and Pat, and a very pleasant afternoon it was and ask them some questions about their boat....how we envied them when we left, we so wish our boat was built NOW!
Back home and back to work but for just one week then spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with Rob and Gill who are having their boat built AFTER ours.....The KOG's are growing!!! (Kingfishers Owner's Group) What a lovely couple they too and like us, they want their boat NOW also.
Suzie had a lovely email today from Jan and Dai who own the boat Jandai oddly enough http://jandai.blogspot.co.uk/ and what a great email it was, I thought Suzie was the only person to use the number 60 million but there is another in Jan. Thank you for the advice Jan, and yes you will see us in September. Suzie is trying to get enough info for when we take the plunge and live aboard and I am begining to think it will be sooner rather than later (plan was for 3yrs time)....we'll see?
That's enough for now as I am off to hospital to collect my new hip (just a little nervous)

Oh, I nearly forgot, here is the first part of TSF, Suzie's birthday last week and I couldn't resist it.

Suzie with her very own Tiller Pin. Happy Birthday darling. x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Getting just a little closer....

Off to Nottingham tomorrow to see Gary and lee at XR&D to discuss some minor changes to our shell....."The boys like a challenge" says Mick from Kingfishers, I'm sure Suzies latest design will pose no problems for them!!!
We'll then be checking into what will become our second home.....good 'ol Novotel, just round the corner from Kingfisher Narrowboats where we will see John and Mick Friday morning. We have alot to discuss and the most important item will be a gas free boat! lets hope it all works out?

Rob and Suzie.
Oh and Sandie......leave us a comment :-) x