Monday, 29 April 2013

Robbie tells me I can do the blog this week????  I thought I was helping by downloading the photo's....apparently not?

Here goes then......

Thankfully Robbie's back is better and we were able to set off from Braunston where we had been for over 2 weeks.....lovely place but I have seen it all.....festival included.  I must say George from the Canal and River Trust was brilliant in my hour of need and issued a permit for us to overstay in the 48 hour mooring for 2 taking the pressure off and allowing Robbie to recover.

Loads of pic's for you to look at......I love them and assume everyone is like me......okay maybe not?

Hi Duck!
 Well what a time we have we are cruising, albeit not far but truly lovely even so.  We have done loads.....when did we do them? I don't know....everyday is

On Sunday our friends Karen and David (Wessex Rose Hotel Boat) picked us up from where we were moored at Flecknoe and we visited Stoke Bruene Museum which was all about the canals and very interesting....especially the delicious ice-cream we had to have........then we hunted down a meal....back at Braunston in The Plough which was nice enough....even though I didn't get my Stilton and Peppercorn sauce until I had nearly finished my meal.....hey, needless to say I din't pay for it even though I ate lady was quite miffed.

Surrounded by beauty....Napton-on-the-Hill
We have managed to moor in some really lovely spots
(getting the mooring up thing down to a fine art now)
.....nice and peaceful....just how we like it.

On Sunday we went for a walk.....500 yards....or so the sign the village store at Napton-on-the-Hill.....roughly 6 miles or was a lovely sunny day so we didn't mind too much....stopped at The Folly on the way back for lunch which was delicious....sat in our garden in the sunshine feeling like we were on holiday.....heavenly.

On Sunday we spent the day in glorious the chrome on the outside of the boat (stupidly I thought this was a chore we wouldn't have since we didn't choose brass.....all that rubbing.....can't be doing with it) truth it was very in one hand cloth in other.

I am working.....honestly

Oppps! "Contact Sport" that's what it's called isn't it?

On Sunday Robbie went into Daventry on the bus to get some bits and pieces.....bus was 30 minutes late but hey he got there and came home with some pressies.....lettuce and the like.....simple life it is.

On Sunday morning....bright and early.... we went outside to discover we had visitors.....some showing off was definitely in order for this little lot.

Come on hold you heads up

Moored next to just one of the many old abandoned boats.
Even ugly things can look good in a certain light......
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Sitting on the bow seat....waiting for my coffee?

View from our bed....depending on conditions

I'm the daddy
Gypty Brendeb Fish

Dyer Dish

Our Christmas Rehearsal on Swamp Frogs

Follow the leader

Then on Sunday we went for an Indian at Omar's in Dunchurch with David and Karen......a great time was had by least....I had a great time and I trust they all did too.  The waiter was trying to help me steal a really georgous little vase.....needless to say I was having none of it.....truly!

Robbie darling....I know your back is hurting......but your right leg looks a bit swollen?

You'll never guess what.....
Do you know what it is yet?

Seven Buzzards in one shot
On the next day....Sunday we had a creative craft attack.....I needed to do something with the towels.....Robbie needed to sort that rope into some sort of order.....we were equally appreciative of each other's efforts
What will I do with this towel?

No white towels?????

Sumo Swamp Frog

Fendering Fun
Watch what I can do with this

Daadahaa.....only another twenty twelve  to go

Robbie where are you? Stick Like?

On Sunday Robbie finished fitting the non slip matting on the decks....looking very smart they are too....fitted to perfection....I would expect no less from him.....very well done darling!

Non Slip Matting

Canal Caridious

On Sunday we did a 6 mile walk.....we spotted this very rare Canal Caridious butterfly.....apparently there are only 666 in the whole of the UK....lucky or what.
Come on......just like this

What a lot of nonsense!!!!!!........I have had such a laugh doing this....but then again I always make myself laugh.....surely a blog is for other's to enjoy?  I do hope something has brought a smile to your face whilst reading this.....even if it is "Silly Woman"....

Life is good and we are really enjoying our adventures.

Take great care xxxxxxx


  1. oooooh, such sweet ducklings, I want some!

    Definitely enjoyed the Indian on Saturday night, lovely restaurant, attentive staff, gorgeous food and fabulous company, what more could you ask for!

  2. Where did you learn to do those towel sculptures... They're amazing! Keep posting, it's a great blog. Hope we bump (not literally) into you some time. ps Glad to hear Robbies back is on the mend... Nothing worse than hanging around with one of you poorly!

  3. What a great blog! It's such a pleasure reading how much fun you guys are having xxx

  4. Michelle Rook6 May 2013 at 20:26

    It was lovely to see you both today and looking soooo well, the new life with no fixed abode is doing you the world of good.I loved reading your story so far, hopefully many more pictures to come.

  5. Nice to see you finally had a shave!!! x

    1. Do you know us???
      Who are you?
      we are intrigued?


  6. I'm glad to have a shave too......I didn't like my beard tho Suzie did.

  7. Robbie - how are you finding the non-slip matting?
    How is it to cut and shape? I've only got a short trad-stern, but the loose door mats I have currently are a nasty trip hazard and don't look great. I was looking at this stuff but not sure if I could cut it neatly?

    Loving the updates, keep them coming!

    All the best,


    1. Hi Andy, The tiles were very easy to cut. I used a Stanley knife (on a piece of board)I bought mine from eBay they are called Versatile and from the local chandlers they were about £5 each......same tile on eBay £2:30 each. Where I had to shape them I just made a cardboard template.

      Glad you are liking the blog.

      Catch up soon
      Rob and Suzie


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