Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ooohhh Errr?

Me with my designer digits ready to type this

Well where to start?.....Maybe at the end?  Getting ready this morning to go out for lunch with our friends Karen and David (owners of The Wessex Rose Hotel boat, in build at Milburns) and Robbie tweeked his back coming down the bank having emptied the ash pan!  After his shower he shouted out in agony....I rushed in....being the dutiful and caring wife that I am....and poor Robbie couldn't move....stuck good and proper and in an awful lot of pain......I was imagining ambulances and hospitals and all sorts....after an hour and 20 minutes we got him led face down on the bed...... Ibuprofen rubbed into his back, microwave hot water bottle on his back and some co-codamol.  After couple of hours he managed to prop himself up in the bed to eat his dinner (Leek and Pork Sausages, Bacon, Baked Onion, Sprouts, Leeks and Mashed Potato....just in case you were wondering) and is now trying to have a sleep after his second lot of painkillers.....still in a lot of pain and worrying about what's going to happen.

It's been snowing for the past few days here.....I reckon about 6 inches deep 4 inches....well, okay....about 3 inches....looks very impressive though.

Luckily we have been fairly concious of the fact that this sort of thing could happen.....just didn't expect it to happen so soon.  Coal is bagged up (into sizes that I can manage) and are stored in the steps inside.....masses of food (enough to last a couple of months at least).....full tank of diesel.....empty pump out toilet tank.....full water tank.....shore power....full batteries if needed....lagers.....loads of them!

The things we didn't do.....get rid of the snow on the jetty aside the boat....which is my only route to the ash pan.  Buy the crampons I wanted!!......I'm always in fear of slipping.....especially since Robbie wouldn't hear my cries for help if I fell in the canal.  Sorted....cleared the jetty and sprinkled it with Coarse you reckon it will work?  Had to use a silly little brush to do it (ended up breaking it into two) bit tricky needless to say.....NO SHOVEL? I hear you say......because I can't lift the hatch to the engine which is where the shovel (fold up) is.....Note:-change location of shovel.

Doug (RYA tutor) was due to come tomorrow to spend the day with us doing a Helmsman course but he called earlier this morning and said in light of the weather conditions it really wouldn't be worth our while....lots of walking on the gunnels (outside edge of the boat) which is deep (about 3inches...he he) with snow and everything else would take so much longer therefore we wouldn't benefit as much from the course......postponed till next Monday........that's assuming Robbie is out of bed?????  Lazy I do hope he's feeling better soon.....if problem....I will look after him cause I loves him.

I'm feeling quite empowered really....relocated ash slippy surfaces in between me and it....been keeping the fire in for about 2 weeks now.....reckon I might move the boat to Weedon for the Launch Party myself?  Nah!

This time last year we were having a heat wave?

Robbie's favourite....mine also....but it was his first
I tries to get in as many photo's as I possibly's my job

We went for a lovely long walk.......saw lots of lovely birds.....loads of lovely sights......
back on the boat after 30 was lovely and cold outside.
Here are just a few of Robbie's photo's....taken with his new camera....a retirement pressy from work.

Well done Robbie......he has an eye for it.....when I tell him.

He wasn't quick enough for this Foxy Fella

Robbie told me that the best photo's are the ones you don't pose for.........
hey he's my husband........ but he's not the boss of me!
Hopefully Robbie will be able to do his bloggin and keep you updated.....I can't remember what happened last week????  I am praying that he will be better soon. xxxxx

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