Tuesday, 26 February 2013

1 week or is it 7 days....?

I've not managed to sort out the time delay yet although I am sure my time setting is set to somewhere in America and I am, at times, a day behind the rest of the UK! I have just found that I am set on Paciffic Standard Time but haven't got a clue how to change it to GMT? (I have just wasted an hour trying to sort it out! Grrrrrrr)......help!.....HOO bloody RAY.....I've sorted the time zone thingy and I am now up to date with the rest of the UK!, how clever am I eh? not very......it has taken me 5 hours, 4 cups of tea and 5 ciggies.....and I've kicked next door's cat (not really, I've put that in just for effect)

Is it better to say 1 week to go or 7 days to go? Is a week longer than 7 days? Yes I know they are the same but I think 7 days sounds longer than "just a week to go"........what a load of drivel!
Well, both Suzie and I thought this last week would drag but again it has gone very quickly with both of us running flat out.....("that's not very fast"-I hear you say!)

I went work on Tuesday and Wednesday for the last time and did not bother me at all, maybe next week when I go in for the very last time it might hit home? Thursday I went with my Mum to pick up her new car and this seemed to have taken an age to do but it's sorted now and I feel better as does Mum with her new car. Friday we spent running around saying cheerio to people. We also sorted out our boat licence, boat insurance and boat index number and the rest of the time we have spent packing and putting MORE stuff up into Suzie's sisters loft (I thought we'd got rid of stuff but there still seems so much more to loose before next week, thank you Pat and John.....I'm not sure if they have sold it all or have stored it for us?) The weekend was spent with Suzie's daughter, hubby and kiddies and was good fun as the next time we see them we'll be on our boat! Sunday afternoon we loaded the car up and off we went to Weedon where on Monday we drove to Milburn Boats where we started to move in.........Suzie hadn't seen Swamp Frogs for a fortnight and was just so pleased with what she saw and it was hard to drag her away to allow the boys to get on.

Andy and the team are putting the finishing touches to our home and she really does look good and I will post more pictures when we move in although I am not sure where we are going to put everything, maybe we should tow a butty behind us? Liz turned up with the curtains, porthole bung and outdoor cushions for the bow which all look stunning.

Yesterday we also popped to the Chandlers in Braunston to pick up some stuff and got a good deal on life jackets (required on some rivers) mooring pins, stakes keys and other bits and bobs. The only thing left to buy now we think is an anchor........Jeez where is it all going to go? It is a Narrowboat and not a Tardis!

Anyways......enough is enough as today we have to go to Dentists for check up, pop to the bank, visit more friends to say goodbye.......oh and that all important visit to Pat and Johns loft!

Less than a week to go!.......or is it 6 and a bit days!


  1. We spent most of our first week chucking half the stuff we brought with us, don't miss it at all :-)

  2. Not long now! I'm officially spending my last night on dry land before living full time on the water. Can't wait to see the pics!

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