Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Getting just a little closer....

Off to Nottingham tomorrow to see Gary and lee at XR&D to discuss some minor changes to our shell....."The boys like a challenge" says Mick from Kingfishers, I'm sure Suzies latest design will pose no problems for them!!!
We'll then be checking into what will become our second home.....good 'ol Novotel, just round the corner from Kingfisher Narrowboats where we will see John and Mick Friday morning. We have alot to discuss and the most important item will be a gas free boat! lets hope it all works out?

Rob and Suzie.
Oh and Sandie......leave us a comment :-) x


  1. Hi,just found your blog.You had the same feelings about John & Mick that we had.Looked at a couple of others after meeting them but were not so impressed.We like what they have done for us so far and are glad we chose Kingfisher.Can't wait for September.
    Fred & Lisa.

  2. Hello
    We've heard that you're having a boat built by John and Mick - and I see you already follow our blog "Jandai". Please, if you have any questions about the boat build, living on the canals, etc, etc, just drop us a line and we'd be happy to help. Will follow your blog with interest ---- our boat was handed over April 1, 2009 and we been living on it since March 28, 2010 so just over two years now and have never looked back!! Bet we'll see you sometime in Sept as we are due back at Kingfishers then for a bottom blacking. Take care, Janice and Dai

  3. Just sat here this evening wondering if I should start a sweepstake on which one of you will end up falling in the canal first?! :Op xxx

  4. my money is on mummy.......loves you x


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